Daily Soap *Freebies*

Hey crafties,

have you washed your hands today? Well, I hope so.

The world is still a huge mess. We all try to stay postive, but I can tell you – I cry a lot at night. The kiddo is happy with all the craft supplies around her and all the crafty stuff we do. At least we can craft to stay sane. Kind of. But to be honest, it’s so exhausting. I wish I was like some of the artsy Instagram Mums with all the cool stuff, curricumlums and big smiles. I’m not. Working from home with a toddler is a nightmare. It’s freaking hard. But. But, but, but – we still have the crafty stuff.

Our newest obsession is soap making. Yes, soap making. It’s really not that hard and the three year old Munchkin is helping a lot. She made lots of soaps for her Kindergarten friends and her aunties. Our kitchen smells like strawberrys and coffee, that’s quiete nice. Since I can’t find a nice soap related stamp in my collection, I doodled one. That’s the backstory. A thriller, isn’t it? So here it is, a new digi stamp for you.

It’s Pebble in a washing tub with lots of bubbles. I just love his little face so much! Ugh! I wish I could show you some cards with him, but well – maybe you can show me some?

If you’re into soap making too, here are some free labels for you. Who doesn’t love free labels, right? Feel free to create your own.

That’s it for today. Thanks a lot to my beloved husband and partner in crime for taking the Munchkin out today, even if he’s as exhausted as I am. I owe you a pizza, mate.

Stay calm,


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