Plant club

Well, it started as a joke. Remember the very first lockdown? I visited the plant nursery with my little monster – and it escalated a bit. We bought like ten new plants. I made the joke „A new plant for every week in lockdown, haha.“ – Here we are now. Every nook and corner is filled with plants. Don’t get me wrong, I had plants before. Like maybe fifteen. Now it’s more like fifty.

So if you want to join the plant club and you are looking for a chubby little Panda to spice up your gift tags or flower pots – I got you.

Just click right and save the image.

Of course I created some sentiments for Taco! Feel free to grab some and get creative.

Stay calm and stay crafty,



Daily Soap *Freebies*

Hey crafties,

have you washed your hands today? Well, I hope so.

The world is still a huge mess. We all try to stay postive, but I can tell you – I cry a lot at night. The kiddo is happy with all the craft supplies around her and all the crafty stuff we do. At least we can craft to stay sane. Kind of. But to be honest, it’s so exhausting. I wish I was like some of the artsy Instagram Mums with all the cool stuff, curricumlums and big smiles. I’m not. Working from home with a toddler is a nightmare. It’s freaking hard. But. But, but, but – we still have the crafty stuff.

Our newest obsession is soap making. Yes, soap making. It’s really not that hard and the three year old Munchkin is helping a lot. She made lots of soaps for her Kindergarten friends and her aunties. Our kitchen smells like strawberrys and coffee, that’s quiete nice. Since I can’t find a nice soap related stamp in my collection, I doodled one. That’s the backstory. A thriller, isn’t it? So here it is, a new digi stamp for you.

It’s Pebble in a washing tub with lots of bubbles. I just love his little face so much! Ugh! I wish I could show you some cards with him, but well – maybe you can show me some?

If you’re into soap making too, here are some free labels for you. Who doesn’t love free labels, right? Feel free to create your own.

That’s it for today. Thanks a lot to my beloved husband and partner in crime for taking the Munchkin out today, even if he’s as exhausted as I am. I owe you a pizza, mate.

Stay calm,



Hey crafties,

soooo – any summer plans? Nah, me neither. That’s a shame, but we will make the best of this, right?

Here comes a new freebie for you – Pebble, the pig in his fancy summer outfit, including goggles, his très chic sun hat, swimmies and a baby pool.

Have fun with the new free digi stamp and don’t forget to share your creations with me, using @jessafeig or #uselesstrinketsstamps.

Stay strong,


Lots of Axolotl!

It’s axolotl time! I showed you a sneak of them like years ago – yes. You are reading this right. I said years. So thanks a lot for your patience and now get ready for some axototl action!

Her name is Lotte the axolotl (try to type this without looking; I am looking and still don’t get it right, ugh!) and right now she’s the favorite thing of my daughter. Yes, I let her colour my own stuff. She prove colours everything and she loves pink right now (I know! Damn it, pink!).

Have lotl of fun and stay crafty!


Guess who’s back!

Well, well, well – I’m back. I never really left, I just had a baby (aka Minimonster, a smart toddler now), battled the perks of motherhood (still doing), getting back to work, tried to stay well. All this stuff.

Since we all are at home – or at least a bit more than usual – and all this toilet paper and flour and online impulsive buys cost lots of money and we all need something to stay calm and positive, I looked through my stash of old designs and scribbled some new digi stamps.

Minimonster always wants me to draw a thing for her, mostly stuff she knows. But often a monster. She loves monsters. Here favorite plushy is a bright pink Cthulhu. So get ready for some new digi stamps and get that printer working, baby!

For today I have a pretty exhausted Fluffy Gustav for you. Probably he’s working from home, clinging to an old coffee to go cup, just like in the good days. Trying to stay calm and healthy.

Have fun with him! Give him a nice colour and show me your pictures of him on Instagram or wherever you are using @jessafeig or #fluffygustav or #uselesstrinketsstamps

I’ll be back soon with some old new designs, so stick around!

Stay healthy, crafties!

Lots of love